Traveling Again

Yup, I am on the move…and about as happy about it as this guy is about walking down the street in this city.

But which city?

and which street?


10 thoughts on “Traveling Again

  1. Oohhh…I like the new design. The photos seem more prominent. Very nice!
    And, I love this photo! He was a very cool subject, and I really like how he jumps out at us, but the processing isn’t “in your face.”
    Now, as for the where? If this is a photo from this trip, then you are somewhere very far north! LOL (Or south of the equator.) 😉 (I really am joking. But I have NO clue where this was taken.)

  2. I’m confused. Chicago is too obvious, but It actually looks like Chicago and that looks like Michigan Avenue and I think I see the Chicago flag on the building in the background. But it hasn’t been cold enough for coats and hats since early last week.

  3. Jeesh, BRC and I went all lens blur and B&W on purpose to make it harder…yes this was taken in late March. But here I am in beautiful Lincolnshire, IL. And with a really, really bad day. SFDJ!

  4. Shrew, this is one cool photo. It almost looks three dimensional the way you treated it. I have to say it again…very freakin’ cool.

  5. By the way…I meant to tell you I really dig the white background with the new design. The dark background with light lettering would sometimes play with my eyes. And not in nice way either.

  6. Ditto what jen and renae said. The lighting, the sharpness and the color all make him look like he’s stepping out of a B&W photo.
    Sorry you had such a bad day.

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