May Shutter Challenge – Essence of Animal

I think I have fixed the imaging issues…seems I have to post the size available and not scale it up within the layout.  I am so sorry if your image was impacted by this tomfoolery.

EETA: Sherweld has submitted the following!!! WOW!

ETA: MUsic Maven Update

This is his essence.  On his back.  Each time I talk to him, he immediately gets on his back, which indicates that he wants his belly rubbed.  Such a male.



This was a hard one! I had several to chose from…




Stella is my baby – my fourteen year old baby. Everybody loves Stella because she possesses all the best qualities of both dogs and cats. She’s elegant and graceful, yet very friendly and loves attention.

My husband, who isn’t even a cat person, calls himself “Daddy” to her.

This last photo was not taken for the challenge, but it is one of my favorite pictures of her, and also happens to be the very first picture I ever took with this camera.

Music Maven

Please see below…I had posting troubles…but her submission is directly below this post


For me, it always has been and always will be horses…

This is an adorable miniature horse that lives one street over from me.  But don’t let her dainty looks fool you…she is most definitely the boss of her massive draft horse “roommate”.  In fact that is why she is the subject of this photo.  She wouldn’t let the other horse near the fence!


The essence of himself


9 thoughts on “May Shutter Challenge – Essence of Animal

  1. Nice shots everyone! Great catch on the cardinal, MM! Some of the larger pics look a bit pixelly on my screen – don’t know if it has something to do with the new blog format.

  2. A few look pixelly to me too. And the large format is almost too large for me here on my laptop. Fine for landscapes, not so much for portraits like Renae’s horse. I can only see about half of the picture at a time.

    MM, I love the unusual positions you caught Dominoe in. Katrina – I love the close up portraits – so much expression. Karma – I am surprised you used your neighbor’s kitty instead of one of yours. My favorite is the one with her tongue sticking out – nice catch! Hey, if we are staying with this format, I guess I should have submitted mine a little bigger! Renae – nice framing on the horse and she does look like she’s got some attitude! Shrew – the color photo of Beau is my favorite. The natural light is gorgeous.

  3. A few were pixelated at first, but they all seem fixed now. Was about to say something about altering the size on the post, but it looks like Shrew’s already on the ball.

    Great shots, everyone! Katrina, I think your last one is my favorite of your three shots. Karma, I like your first one. Makes me want to take a nap. 🙂 Lovely lighting on that series. MM, that second shot is excellent. You are right – such a male! Jen, Stella in the third one again makes me want to nap too. (What is it with me and naps these days?) Renae, your equine homegirl doesn’t look dainty to me – she looks like she’s all that and then some (complete with snapping fingers in a Z-pattern in the air). Shrew, I love Beau best in that lower left hand corner shot with the colored eyes. Bee-yoo-tee-ful.

    Sorry no shutter challenge for me. It’s been a rough two months for me health-wise. Plus, no pets here and I really wasn’t quite up to ambushing backyard invaders just yet. But I’m all ready to go for the next one!

    Sherweld, please please please tell me that wasn’t from your backyard!

  4. I’m loving that black and white Beau shot with the colored eyes too! I didn’t know we had so many cat lovers here! I, on the other hand, am deathly allergic to them. (No exaggeration on the deathly either—they’ve put me in the hospital too many times!)
    I love the expressions you all captured! Essence indeed! And Sherwald’s shot….I never realized how camouflaged crocs are with their coloring.

  5. Oh and sorry I didn’t get around to the challenge…An opportunity didn’t present itself until Friday, and then I didn’t get a chance to actually download and send them along! I’ll look forward to the next one with Ivoryhut! 🙂

  6. I used the neighbor’s kitty because I happened to be outside looking for pictures to take one day and found her sitting there next to my house. The light was nice and I just started shooting – then Shrew posted the challenge the following week. I had a ready-made set of photos to submit.
    All the pics that were “pixy” are now corrected on my screen too.

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