A New Line Up

Just trying this new format on for size…

I am trying to get the area for the photo larger. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “A New Line Up

  1. Hey…glad you like it! Yes, Karmardav this theme does allow multiple photos per post

    IvoryHut the process (sheesh, I was just playing) but I wrote it down just incase someone asked.
    1. 7ps curves and lab color correction – flatten
    2. PDub etheral and lovely action – flatten
    3. New layer
    4. Contrl, Shift U to desaturate new layer of color
    5. Apply mask and paint through the people to reveal color layer – flatten
    6. New Layer
    7. Apply lens blur filter
    8. Apply mask and paint through the sharp layer – flatten
    9. PDub Sharpened slightly
    10. Then I hit PDub Etherial and Lovely again.

    It sounds like more work than it was. I actually thought it was pretty “ham” fisted and not refined looking.

  2. Hi Shrew … For “down and dirty”, photo looks pretty good.
    RE new format: I like this format much better than previous test, but perhaps not as much as original, but then as an “old dog, and new tricks”….. (sigh)

  3. I hear ya Sherweld. I am torn. I am not sold on this one either…but I long for big lush photos on the site. Blame it on my new digital frame.

    Let’s see how this works out through the challenge.

    *HINT, HINT*

  4. I am groovin to that pic, shrewbie!

    I open with the format, you are the one who has to like it! One thing I do like though is good navigation – when I am in the comments of one post, I want to be able to click once to move to the previous post or next post. I don’t see that here. I don’t even have that on my own blog, but I can’t change that. Is that something you can do here?

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