Paradise? Sold Out. I Have two tickets to Piscataway.


Remember…this weekend email me those May Shutter Challenges. ‘The Essence of Animal” however you interpret that.


7 thoughts on “Paradise? Sold Out. I Have two tickets to Piscataway.

  1. Okay…trying this new fangled Photoblog template out. What I lost was the blogroll…does anyone (cough, IvoryHut, Cough) know how I can make my blogroll a page at the top?

  2. Ooh. Nice. So you made the plunge. I tried it out on a test blog some weeks ago, but didn’t like having to upload all photos. Then again, with the new storage space, maybe it’s not so bad.

    Shrewbie, just create a new page and name it Blogroll (or something like that). Then you’d have to populate the page with your links. You can organize them if you want (blogs, photography, how-tos, funnies, etc.). If you need help, shoot me an email.

    You can do the same for your gear, if you wish. I don’t know if this theme automatically adds links on top for different pages. If not, then you may have to fudge it and put links to the pages in your About section. I’ll email you instructions if you’re interested.

  3. Ivory…The photo above is from Flickr…not uploaded.

    And YES…please email me instructions, directions, spiritual illuminations…what ever you have, I’ll take it.

    So glad to see you is back ol’ buddy.

    Brc…email me a flickr addy for a photo. I want to test this thang out.

  4. Oh. Flickr link? Interesting. When they first released this theme, you had to upload the photo so that it (meaning some automated function of this theme) can find an appropriate background color from your photo and render the photo page in that color. (I just gave myself a headache.)

    Emailing instructions soon. Directions included. Spiritual illuminations, as requested. 🙂

  5. Don’t know if I like the new digs or not Shrewbie. Seems awkward with a lot of wasted space on my screen – there is about 2 inches of empty white columns on the left and right of my screen.

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