Perhaps B&W

I wasn’t happy with the processing of the NY Skyline shots…so I went back and brought one into B&W.  I think this works the best.


4 thoughts on “Perhaps B&W

  1. You weren’t happy with the skyline processing? I thought it was cool.

    While I like the crop here (this composition frames the skyline very nicely), if I’m being honest, I don’t love the B&W… sorry. I think the choice completely depends on what look/feel/emotion the artist (you) is going for. The original processing gave me a light, fantasy-like feeling. This one feels much more ominous.

  2. Interesting…I thought the processing on thes one just simply focused in on the city. Hmmm…maybe I am over thinking this all a tad. I also believe on Friday when I did the first swipe I was in that “oh the world is so magical and I have a three day weekend frame of mind”. Today…much more like “when is Friday?”

  3. Oh no, no, no. The color version works. And I too was thinking ominous before I read brc’s comment. It’s the way some of the buildings are blackened.

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