Took the Back way home

EETA: Okay this is really ham fisted and clumsy attempt at Ivory’s Faux HDR.  I still want to go back and see if I can get a better array of images.

ETA: Added SOOC per MusicMaven’s request. Let me first say…yes, the SOOC work…however, I wanted to communicate the unbelievable nature of the site that one can see on their way home.

and found this

Yup the NYC skyline


13 thoughts on “Took the Back way home

  1. oooweeeoooweeeooooweeeewow!!!

    Looks like the picture on a storybook cover. (Which is what I thought even before I saw brc’s Wizard of Oz comment!)

  2. See, I get the “Oz” effect of the Photoshopped ones, but the SOOC are fantastic. I knew they would be, that’s why I wanted to see them side by side. THANKS!!!

  3. I usually lean toward making the photo look NOT manipulated, but in this case I think the Photoshopping adds a lot of interest. The SOOC is fine, but the colors are so drab. The “after” pictures look almost fantasy-like.

  4. I’d swear I typed a comment about this yesterday, but either my comment went poof, I imagined the whole thing or I forgot to hit the “submit” button. I asked if you were “pulling an ivory” while you did this. I do like the way the photoshoppping highlighted the city. Is that a P-Dub action? Looks like a style I’ve seen at her site.

  5. Karmardav, hmmm the comment I am not sure what happened there. As for “pulling an ivory”…nope. The road that this spectacular view on is VERY twisty and narrow with a shear drop off inches from the edge of the tarmac. I had gone home that way the day before and was “knocked out” by the site. So on Friday I purposely planned the shoot, pulled off on a side road and hiked back to the spot on the road where this vista is.

    As for actions…
    I did use PDubs, define and sharpen
    But I also threw 7 Points in as well as “the Whole Can-O” in for good measure until I achieved that other worldly action.

    I do want to go back early on a weekend day, when the traffic will be low and when the owners of the property I am trespassing on are likely NOT awake to get a better view. See I didn’t play with camera settings or anything, nor did I have a tripod. I think this view would make a terrific HDR image. HDR is all the rage in the photography mags right now and I would like to try my hand at it.

    See Scott Kelby’s experience with HDR here.

  6. Good call on not pulling a me, Shrew. With your description of the road, even I’d be afraid to pull an Ivory.

    When I saw the SOOC, I too wondered what an HDR version would look like. I agree with Brc in that, if you’re going for the fantasy look, then go all out and throw that whole can at it. I like the canvas painting look of it. But I think an HDR version might be interesting.

    Have you tried “faking” the HDR? Creating separate masks for foreground and background and then bumping up the areas that need more light by increasing exposure, opening up the shadows, adding some fill light, etc? Then maybe for the skies, increase contrast, push highlights a tad, or even add an overlaid gradient for more detail?

    I’ve done it before with a photo of a Jersey City bridge, and it sorta kinda worked.

  7. My two cents…
    The SOOC: perfectly lovely as is, absolutely.
    The first photoshopped version: LOVE it! My eye goes right to the city and the sky looks fantastic. The colors are just right if you ask me. I also like how you zapped out the branches at the top edge.
    The Faux HDR: maybe a little too much contrast(?) and my eye goes right to the trees (which look like broccoli by the way!) and I don’t see the city as much.

    Good luck with your reenactment. Please don’t get hit by a car. We’d miss you in Newport. (Bawahaha! …cracking myself up…this is what I do)

  8. I like the sky and the clouds in the fake HDR, but the trees in the foreground are too bright and my eye is drawn to them rather than the skyline… not bad for “ham fisted.”

    What’s HDR photography anyway?

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