Guest Artist – Mother Nature

Today the weather was all over…first rain, then sunny.  Back to rain and then sun again.  By the time I walked Beau, Mother Nature had a real freak on.  It was raining, but not enough to get wet.  You turned to the west and the sky was the most intense gold, and turning to the east the same sky was the most spectacular cool blue.  I was cursing because I broke the cardinal rule…ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA.  Then…bam!  The clouds in the sky began to blush as if they were shy to have me marvel so at their beauty.  So as soon as we returned home, I picked up the trusty 40D and ran back out and captured the fast fading oil painting in the sky.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

8 thoughts on “Guest Artist – Mother Nature

  1. How cool! Those last shots look like pictures of heaven or another galaxy… the colors are so vivid. The very last one is my favorite.

  2. Brc, it is what I call “cherubim and seraphim” skies, like classic 17th and 18th century religious oil paintings.

    I must say my eyes were knocked out by the sheer beauty of other worldly light play. It did seem for the 30 minutes or so that it lasted like the world was at peace. People, in this otherwise isolationistic community, came out of their homes to see the beauty. Even commuters in their cars were slowing or even pulling over to bask in the glory of the moment.

  3. I love the one with the “castle” like tops at the bottom of the picture. I looks beautiful and colorful and not overly processed, if I had to guess. While fiery and interesting, the bottom one looks a bit unreal! Did it really look that yellow? If I saw a sky that yellow I’d head for the hills! Usually means bad weather is on the way.
    Happy long weekend everyone! Hope the “guest artist” is good to us all!

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