Guest Shutter – IvoryHut and California

Give her a garden and a camera…and viola art!

Take IvoryHut to an open market and we have magic!

So California

IvoryHut’s title for this one…All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

Talk about colorful POW!


5 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – IvoryHut and California

  1. Wow, so pretty! My favorites are the birdbath (is that a birdbath with all the shells and such?)- whatever it is, its a totally gorgeous shot- and the rose. What I wouldn’t give to be able to grow beauties like that. Roses are the plant that I have been unable to have success with over the years – Japanese beetles destroy them every time.

  2. Ivory these are simply stunning. If you’re not already doing this professionally, you should be.
    The first and last shots are my favorites along with the bunch of carrots in someone’s hand.

    The composition of the first shot is amazing… the colors and the angle of the handle of the cart… perfect.
    On the last one, the red and green against the yellow has so much impact. I also like the simplicity of it.
    The hand holding the carrots has great texture, pattern and color.

    How much post-processing did you apply to these?

  3. Oh wow. Thanks, my friends. And Shrewbie, thank you for showing these.

    Brc, not much post-processing done here. California light was really good. Not much cropping either, save for the hand holding the carrots (I cropped out the guy’s shirt because it was … uhm … “ill-fitted”), the old truck, and the yellow house (the original showed more of the window, which I thought distracted from the lovely wall and plant).

    Other than that, I did some sharpening and a bit of color boosting for a few. Not a lot though, since the colors were already vivid to begin with. I also did a very light edge burn of some of these (first photo, and the garden lamp/urn/thingie).

    I love that hand holding the carrots too. I turned to the left, saw him a few feet away from me, and quickly shot it before the guy could notice me. I’m glad I didn’t shrink back from taking the photo.

  4. Now that I’m out from under the American Idol internet haze that I was stuck in yesterday, I can actually look at these and process them! Ivory, they are all beautiful. The last one, which I saw on Flickr awhile ago, remains my favorite. The red against the yellow is stunning! I like that edge-burn thing you did! It’s subtle. I don’t know that I would have even picked up on it if you hadn’t mentioned it, but it softens them nicely. As always, lovely.

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