Falling Deeply in love with Photoshop Actions

There are many good people out there sharing their actions sets.  It all started with PDub’s posting of her actions set.  The next thing I know I am googling them…downloading and playing and playing and playing.  I am still getting the hand of them…but here is a photo three ways with various actions applied.

Soft deep colors with a light halo around my niece

Same deep soft colors, but with crispy contrast.  You can almost feel the roughness of the rocks.

and my fav…

This just does so much more…do you agree?

8 thoughts on “Falling Deeply in love with Photoshop Actions

  1. Well, what are we agreeing or disagreeing on here – the abilities of photoshop or your favorite?
    My favorite is actually the second one. I’m less crazy about the somewhat “washed” feeling of the last one. I like the crispness of the second one because of the subject matter – Maine is known for its rugged coastlines and I think that is expressed best in #2.

  2. I happen to agree with karmardav…I really like that second one best. I’m discovering that, although I enjoy the obviously processed photos for their artistic qualities, I still prefer the photos that look more natural. The actions brought out the natural beauty in the photo in the second one, whereas the third, although lovely, looks processed. I really think it all comes down to personal preference and what you’re going for. Either way, I am truly, truly green with envy and want Photoshop NOW so I can play too!!!!! 😉 *running to checkbook and budget to see how long it would take me to squirrel away bits of the grocery fund for Photoshop*

  3. I see what you all are talking about. Funny, I liked how the third one frames what is most important to me in the image…my niece on the rock rather than the rocks themselves.

  4. Okay I made my decision before reading the comments and I have to agree that I like the second one best.
    The crispy contrast and the colors come across as very authentic. I feel like it captures both the beauty of your niece AND the beauty of the scenery. In the last one I feel like the scenery loses a bit of its luster, though I do see how the vignetting highlights your niece nicely.

  5. I too made my decision before reading the comments.
    Second one: I do like the crispness in the contrast.
    Third one: I like the tone of the colors (especially how it picked up some green on the moss covered rocks) but miss the contrast a wee bit. However, I wonder how it would look as an enlarged print…almost like a painting maybe?

  6. I think I would like a cross between #2 and #3 (’cause I’m picky like that 🙂 ). I like the sharpness of the rocks in #2, but I love how you emphasized the light shining on your niece in #3.

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