I wish my car ran on clams

ETA: By special request

7.99 Lobsters AND…Steamers at 1.75 lb????  Party in MAINE.


9 thoughts on “I wish my car ran on clams

  1. Very cool shot. So colorful and I love the angle and how you focused in on the menu sign. Now you applied 7PS to this I’m assuming? I would be interested in seeing the SOOC for comparison.

  2. WOW. OK, that right there has to be one of your best 7PS jobs, dontcha think??? The colors are SO vibrant. The chalkboard absolutely POPS. Amazing. (I really like this shot by the way)

  3. The 7PS totally works here.

    By the way, go around the corner to 3 brothers fish market and the lobstahs are probably 50 cents cheaper per pound! Wooo, yeah!

  4. DOH….missed 3 Bros.

    Thanks Katrina…you must have some serious texture shots of the Nevada dirt

    Renae…I am so happy you like it…I was worried when you were asking to see the SOOC. I am really trying to learn how to harness the powah of Photoshop.

    Sistah…I can not wait to eat some over sized crawfish with ya in Newport!

  5. Somehow, I’m betting we won’t get $7.99 a pound lobsters in Newport! Jenfera will have to cook them for us when I am out of the room. I have issues…..

  6. Wowowow! Now THIS is the proper use of Photoshop!!! I LOVE what you did with this photo. In fact, I am amazed at what you did with this photo. Okay, now I want Photoshop. Elements has been fun, but it’s like playing with store brand Playdoh…it works, but it’s not the same.
    Unfortunately, with a deck in progress, a front porch that needs attention, a slate roof that is screaming for some love, and a washer and dryer on their last legs, I’m thinking Photoshop will have to wait! I’ll just live vicariously through you. 🙂
    Hey, if you ever are bored and want to play, would you take that rose and see what you can do with it? The edges should be more defined, and the red should be deeper…more toward blood red…I was wondering when I took it if Photoshop could “fix” it. (Like you have nothing else to do!)

  7. I’m a little behind this week. I’m in charge of our church rummage sale and I’m exhausted.
    Anyway I had to chime in on this one because I agree that it is an awesome shot and very nice post-processing.
    Great job.

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