I lied

ETA: By popular demand the SOOC

I have this one shot…

And didn’t know which way I liked it best…



16 thoughts on “I lied

  1. I really like the first one best. Really really.
    The others lose some of the colors, which I love in the first one…the last one seems too dark, like I want to squint to see deeper into the photo. Does that make sense?

  2. SOOC, baby. The first edit lost the interesting color on the rocks. I didn’t like the vintage effect on that shot, and I agree with KD – the last one got too dark. If anything, I might have slightly slightly lightened the SOOC, but then that might make it look sunnier than the day really was.

    Good to be back, pal. Missed ya! But I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow. Ack! Am loading up on Vitamin C to fight off what feels like some chest congestion and soreness in my throat. Man, I’m going to need to rest from my vacations!

  3. Okay, why do I have an identicon up there instead of my usual avatar? Hmm … methinks WordPress’s new default avatar feature has a bug. Or doesn’t check against its database of WordPress members.

    I wonder what it is about my email address that made it generate a pink one for me. I want to tell it that I’m more of an earth tone kinda gal.

  4. Oh I am so sorry to confuse. It is not SOOC. As a matter of importing protocol now I 7 Point System all my photos; THEN I play to see if I can do more, push it harder, make it look better.

  5. I love the last one. I feel like it highlights the bobber the most, which draws your focus to something, rather than it just being a picture of rocks.

  6. I like the blue-ish tones to the small rocks on the last shot. But I don’t like how dark the image became overall. I also vote for the first one.

  7. I think I’d like to see SOOC if the file still exists. Just curious. I don’t know if it is the resolution on my laptop as well as on my monitor at work, but some of your 7PS shots are looking a little loud to me. The edges seem hard and the colors just ever so slightly too saturated.

  8. Wow…glad to see the SOOC. I understand why jenfera thinks that the 7-Point shots are a bit too saturated, especially now that I see the original. I still think I prefer it to the original, but now we go back to that whole discussion of what your intention is. There’s something cool and natural about the muted colors in the original, and I get a better sense of the day from that one. However, the 7-point shot is more aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

  9. Hmmmm. I like the SOOC for what it is…the truth. BUT I prefer the 7PS. What I find with most of your shots that you’ve played with is that the 7PS makes them almost magazine quality. Really saturated, which is what I like.

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