Cape Elizabeth and Moose Point State Park

How my pulse quickens and my stomach tightens with the first glimps of the Atlantic.  I deeply love the rough and beautiful ocean.  To have the chance to see my beloved more than once on my extended weekend was truly  wonderful.  On Friday I drove down to Twin Lights in Cape Elizabeth and on Saturday my niece and I ventured down to Moose Point State Park on the outskirts of Belfast.  I was left speechless by the magnificence…so I choose to bring you the sights the way I saw them.

Cape Elizabeth

Moose Point State Park

Tomorrow Belfast and Colby!


6 thoughts on “Cape Elizabeth and Moose Point State Park

  1. Well I’m fresh out of superlatives. I seriously think you have enough material for a gallery exposition about Maine. The antique lighthouse shot is lovely as are most of the Moose Point State Park photos. The one two below the abstract iron photo is simply amazing… the clouds, the sun reflecting on the water… beautiful.

  2. Awe…you are killing me here. I do feel something “clicked” with these photos like nothing else has for me. Or perhaps it was Portland that clicked for me.

  3. Belfast?! You were only about 30 minutes north of Camden. Moose Point is such a great place to explore.

    My favorite: number 7. I love how you can see the water in the background.

  4. Maine is infinitely photographable (is that a word?) – not to take anything from Shrew’s awesome talent here! Maine always inspires me to click, click, click away. I love the one right above the words Moose Point State Park – it looks like a storm or twilight could be rolling in.

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