7 states, 6 hours, one shooting

Sunset Gal


The Wedding


B&W 3-4

Butter Finger


12 thoughts on “7 states, 6 hours, one shooting

  1. I’m not worthy I’m not worthy I’m not worthy.

    These—-are—-gorgeous. I can’t even come up with anything coherently intelligent to say about them. These may well be your best ever. Your niece is a beauty, by the way.

  2. These just prove that photography is not about all of the technical details, it is about “seeing”… about having a vision. Terrific perspectives, terrific composition, terrific lighting.

    And I agree with KD, your niece is gorgeous.

  3. Yeah, sketchy focus…but it looks like you did it on purpose. It gives it an artsy quality. It has a painted sort of look.
    As for the others…..love the perspectives on the beach shots. The colors are beautiful and rich. I like the theming…I always feel small when I’m facing the vastness of the ocean, and the photos represent that very well.
    The one of your niece in front of the wall of faces is very cool. She blends right in, and I like the whiteness of the upper half of the photo in contrast to the bottom half. Genius.
    She should submit the black and white to a modeling agency as part of a portfolio. GORjus!
    And the last one…you captured personality, with the lighting playing off her face perfectly.

    I really wasn’t blowing smoke up your arse. I LOVE these…all of them!!! 🙂

  4. The B&W is simply gorgeous. My eye goes right to the detail on her eye lashes. Love how her face is half lit, half dark but you can still make out detail on each side.

    The Wedding: LOL! And I mean that in a good way. What a unique shot.

    Star and Rock make me “homesick” for Maine.

    Butter Finger: awesome light. Lobstah suppah?

  5. My mother’s side of the family is from Maine. My grandmother’s “Camp” is in Camden and I have aunts and uncles still residing in Camden and Rockland. I used to go up there three times a year when I was a kid. Unfortunately I haven’t been up in about two years.

    Talk about photo ops, Shrew! You would LOVE it in that neck of the woods.


    And you could just keep going and going further north up Route 1! Don’t even get me started on Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Jennifer and Karen can tell you more ’bout up there-ah.

  6. Chiming in to say how great these are! Although I do want to ask if you manipulated “Star” much. Kind of looks like a Hard Light thing going on there. While I do like the composition here, I am not sure I like the hardness of the edges.

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