Renae’s big shoot out!

Hair (used P’Dub’s “hard light” trick with about 70% opacity)

Profile (with slight contrast boost)

Sawdust Toss (SOOC)

Sidewalk Chalk (cropped, brightness and contrast adjusted)

Whatch you talkin’ ’bout Willis? (erased booger in his nose)

Slides and Smiles (cropped, tried P’Dub’s “soft light” trick at about 35% opacity)


Renae, this is some of your best work to date!  I adore the first four which all offer a unique perspective and an intimacy that only a mother can have with her kiddles.  I think the slide one could have been more poignant if you had been on top of the slide taking the photo while he was sliding away from you, a “letting go” sort of theme if you will.

PS- NIce booger erasing skillz!


6 thoughts on “Renae’s big shoot out!

  1. Wow Renae… these are awesome. I am humbled not only at your compositional skills but at your growing Photoshop abilities.

    Very well done.

  2. I don’t even have photoshop at all and I’d love to learn booger erasing! HA!
    My favorites are the sawdust toss and the sidewalk chalk, but that may be because of my personal knowledge of these kiddo’s personalities – I think those 2 shots show a lot about the kids.

  3. Love, love, love ’em! So darn cute, and great perspectives.

    For the record, the very first thing I ever did with Elements was erase kitty boogers from a picture of Stella.

  4. I’m uzin ur fotoshop…erazin my boogerz!!1!

    Thanks for the kinds words, y’all. :o)
    I love these challenges, Shrew. They are definitely educational. I always walk away with something new. The particular lesson I learned this month was to just let the kids be kids, step back, and see what I could capture.

    Um, has anyone noticed how addictive tweaking can get? I started out just rubber stamping a few snots and the next thing I knew, it was an hour and a half later, and I had played with dozens of images. What the?!

  5. I just love these. I also love the perspectives…..Don’tcha just want to eat those cheeks for snack?!! 😉 I haven’t had to erase boogers yet, but I’ve erased my share of drool!!! lol

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