Jenfera Shot and CSI’d her loved one…

Jen wrote:

But I cheated and did them all secretly and I could only get three, not 6. So, I am submitting for consideration by the group variations on each.

Through window SOOC:

Through window p’dub

In boston SOOC

In boston auto smart fix

Profile SOOC

Profile auto smart fix

Profile p’dub

Jenfera, great job, and stealth no less. I love how everyone is taking a unique approach to this project!

Okay…that is all I have gotten…there is still time send those shootings in to shrew@mac.


6 thoughts on “Jenfera Shot and CSI’d her loved one…

  1. I like the SOOC on all three the best… sometimes I think this Photoshop stuff is overrated (brc says because she is still too intimidated to dive into the world of photo manipulation).

    In all seriousness though… in all three shots I think the SOOC has more detail and clarity.

    Good job.

  2. It is hilarious that you have to photograph him secretly! It took about 10 years for me to make Zan quit giving me the finger whenever I tried to take a photo of him. LOL He’s much more accomodating now.

    I actually think Smart Fix was very subtle, but brought out the colors in the photos. I like those best. The P’Dub fix actually gave a bit too much yellow to his skin tone, I think. And I like the off-centering in the first photo!

  3. I like the SOOC’s also. With the exception of the “through the window” shot, I don’t think the fixes did a whole lot – the SOOC’s were good to begin with!

  4. I like the Auto Smart Fix. By the way, when I say P’dub, what I did was use her Fresh & Colorful action as she described it recently for Elements.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments!

    ps – KD, I think Zan and my husband might be related. Separated at birth or somethin’!

  5. Oh, and pps – I liked auto smart fix best too, except on the thru the window one, which I didn’t even save. That came out horrifying! I liked the P’dub treatment on that one.

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