An apology…in the form of a rose

I haven’t been taking enough photos.  I am sorry.  I vow to you all from this day forward, I will take a picture a day.  There I feel better…so now Paris Roses.

Which do you like?


14 thoughts on “An apology…in the form of a rose

  1. Top one, yup. The color seems more true to life. The bottom one seems a little too “cool”, too much blue in the grass.

    Pretty shot. Is that a fountain in the background?

  2. Apologize? Are you serious? You are the one who keeps us all on our toes. Please don’t apologize.
    I, for one, so appreciate what you do here and I know it takes a great deal of time (which you don’t have much of). So please don’t apologize.

    And as for the photo… I ditto what Renae said.

    Why does WordPress always make me re-input my screen name and email every time I post? It happens on all of the WordPress blogs???

  3. Funny the bottom one has less photoshop applied to it.

    Brc I would email the good kids at WordPress Support they always answer.

    And NO, I do need to apologize even if only to my camera for not using it enough.

  4. I like the top one. It does look more Photoshopped, but somehow the colors look more European to me. Did that make sense?

    Brc, have you logged on to WordPress? In the morning, when I check blogs, unless I’ve logged on to WordPress, I’ll always have to enter my screen name and email every time I comment.

    Or maybe your machine is somehow not allowing WordPress cookies. Did you change any security settings lately?

    Shrew, I echo Brc’s sentiments. Please don’t apologize. I haven’t even posted in my blog in the past couple of days. I’m constantly amazed at where you find time to do all that you do for us. I’m the one who feels bad that I haven’t made any headway on the challenges yet, especially since you put a lot of thought and effort into spearheading them.

    Hey, I’ll be in California April 25th to May 6th. Wanna go on a last-minute photo trip out West? 🙂

  5. I’m going to be contrary here and say I like the bottom one. I decided I like that one better because the rose pops out more against the cooler background.

    I echo the sentiment that no one need apologize about how often they take pictures. I don’t even have a real blog (just my little Flickr thang) and I find it challenging to take a daily shot.

    I thought it was a waterfall too! And I wish we could all join Hut in CA for a SGDT!

  6. I like the bottom one better. I didn’t even really notice the rose in the top one until after I saw the bottom one and realized they were the same shot.

    The rose definitely stands out in the bottom one. =)

    I recently came across your blog, and I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

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