Shutter Inspiration: Renae’s song

Can you guess? Renae take it away!

Hi Shrew,
I may not have followed instructions to the letter, BUT hear me out, I think you’re gonna like this one.

There is a quaint little community church just down the street from my house. It’s so close that I have to go by it no matter where I am headed. Well, late last summer they hung a sign outside the church that makes me giggle everytime I go by. It also makes me think of a particular song that I actually like because I always have been and always will be a fan of this particular group. So, I have been meaning to take a photo of the (awesome) sign since last summer but never got around to it. We’ve finally been enjoying some nice temperatures around here so I made a point to walk to the church and take some photos just a couple of days ago. Kinda funny it was the same week you post a song related challenge.

Song: Back In Time
Artist: Huey Lewis and the News

I’m a horrible person because in a warped way, I’m kinda hoping these people don’t get their new steeple right away so the sign won’t be taken down.

By the way, when I took the shot, I am fairly certain I saw Michael J. Fox go by on his skateboard…hanging onto the back of a manure truck…on his way to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

“Get back, Marty!”

(I cropped the photo a bit to hopefully make it more interesting and punched up the saturation, contrast, and sharpness)

Hope you are feeling better!

Nice work!


2 thoughts on “Shutter Inspiration: Renae’s song

  1. I remember Renae telling me about this! And we were out in your neck of the woods last weekend and I forgot to look for the sign. Thanks for the reminder of that Huey Lewis song – I always think of “Power of Love” when I think of that movie.

  2. Way to get us started, nae! Very cool. Hey, that song isn’t on Huey’s greatest hits. What is up with that? He could have dropped one or two of the new songs on there and put Back In Time in.

    “I’m sorry, but you’re just too darn loud.”

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