Shutter Inspiration: Depict a song this weekend

Hey guys! I know NEXT Monday is a Shutter Challenge Due date…however…I thought this would be fun.

A new feature here…Shutter Inspirations!

This month…inspired by Top Chef’s movie week, Songs.


  1. Pick a song, listen to it, live it, feel it, know it, be it.
  2. Grab camera a shoot something that reflects the song

You can compose the shot or you can go out and find the shot, either way just shoot. Send me the following to post here…

  1. Song Title
  2. Performed by
  3. Shot

Let’s have fun with this! No deadline, send ’em as you get ’em.

PS- KD, I know you are on vacation in Disney…two things: you can do this when you get back,no deadlines. And if you depict “It’s A small world” I will have to drive over there and slap you silly.


9 thoughts on “Shutter Inspiration: Depict a song this weekend

  1. Probably because we all know that “its a small world” is the most annoying song in the world and anyone who makes us think about it needs to be slapped silly. Oh no! Now I have to slap Shrew silly! 😉 (Say that one 3 times fast!)

    PS I don’t know if I am going to make the challenge deadline. Weather has not been good for shooting the ones I love.

  2. Taxes, Shutter Challenge…all very important stuff I tell you and so easy to confuse with one another. My taxes are done, the weather is finally compromising a bit more up in this neck of the snow covered woods, so I am hoping to shoot some peeps tomorrow.

  3. Psssst…guess what? We checked into our house today, annnddddd…it has high speed internet!!
    Just dropping a note…(you won’t likely see me again till we’re home)…our flight down went fine…I didn’t freak out or anything! 🙂 Weather is beautiful, hotel was ok…girls are having a blast, baby’s been miserable, but things are already looking up since checking into the house. (Wait until you see it!!) 🙂 And I promise, no Small World!

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