Chicago Street Stories: Can you hearme now?

How about now?


4 thoughts on “Chicago Street Stories: Can you hearme now?

  1. This time, it was an easy decision for me. Black and white. I like the contrast level. It makes me really zero in on his face. I am wondering … maybe the previous one would benefit from a boost in contrast as well? It had a more sepia-ish tone to it, I think.

  2. This pair is interesting to me. On first glance I thought that there was such a lack of colors in the “color” photo, that his skin tone really popped in contrast—I thought it was black and white, with his face kept the original color. However, when I look more carefully, I see there actually IS a lot of color in the color photo, albeit muted…there are pinks and purples, and even his black coat has a blue undertone to it. I still believe his face really pops out in the color photo, however, I think I do prefer the black and white version.

  3. This may sound a bit strange, but the reflection in his glasses is a distraction for me in the B&W, but not so much in the color. I’m not sure why that would be, but it is enough to make me choose the color over the B&W.

  4. Now isn’t that funny, because I think his eyes stand out more in the B&W one and the color version has more of a reflection. I love how we all walk away with something different from the same photos.

    I do like how his skin tone seems so warm in the color version. But overall I’m going to choose the B&W because I think the textures of all the different fabrics seem to stand out more. I know…spoken like a true Fabric Freak. We prefer to call ourselves Fabriholics. Thank you.

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