Cihicago Street Stories: Girls

Here IvoryHut…


15 thoughts on “Cihicago Street Stories: Girls

  1. I love the treatment you gave to the color shots. I like those the best. Tell me, did you use a b&w layer with these or some multiply effect, or were the colors really that deep and rich? And are those that slightly ortonized?

    I also am really in love with how your people shots have them tack sharp, and the background softly blurred. Really lovely.

    My favorite subject is the girl on the left in the bottom pic. I think if you cropped out the girl on the right (no offense, girl on the right), it would make an interesting portrait.

  2. Girl, you could never be the one on the right even if you tried or paid or bribed your way to that side. To paraphrase Patrick Swayze, “No one puts Rosie in the right.”

  3. Very nice!
    I really want to see that first girl’s face though! It bugs me that I can’t see her. lol I also love the orton on these shots (or what I assume is orton?)…perfect!
    And I agree with Ivoryhut…you, my dear, play second fiddle to no one!

  4. Is it me or does the “girl on the left” look like Lisa Marie Presley?
    And I agree, the effect on the color shots is very cool… what did you do in post-processing?

  5. Okay, post processing on these.
    First in Lightroom:
    1. Adjusted white balance
    2. Lifted the exposure
    3. and then increased the clarity
    4. Imported into photoshop

    1. Adjusted curves, flatten
    2. Ala Kelby- I switched the image mode from RGB to LAB, apply image, soft light, and chose channel A, switched the image mode back to RGB
    3. I duplicated layers and applied the portrait filter from Imagenomic (which softens and glamorizes skin and hair while darkening the background) at approx 50-80%, flatten
    4. Duplicate layer again, apply lens blur filter, mask and paint the subject back into focus, flatten
    5. Sharpen

    No real orten effect.

  6. And it feels GREAT to be home. I so missed home and Beau. The little guy was very distant for about 10 minutes and then, turned inside out and has not left my side since. I am so glad I am working from home today and tomorrow.

  7. I agree with everyone above that the girl on the left is interesting to observe just due to her own appearance, but the way you captured her in the first shot with her eyes peering out from under her bangs with her mouth pursed like that makes that image fantastic! You know how to capture the moment! I’m torn about the first photo. I too would like a second shot that shows me her face, but I think I actually like the message this one delivers better. You took your camera and caught something very everyday in a special way that makes people stop and look. This is an image of frantic everyday life. A woman working her schedule or making calls while carrying things from other errands. This really captures the idea that today there really is no downtime unless you make your own. It also hints at the impersonal nature of cell phones etc. because you want to see her face, but she is so caught up in her life that you cannot see her face, making the image impersonal about the specific subject and yet personal at the same time because we see a version of this person everyday or we are this person ourselves.. Haha well, whether anyone else sees all that or not, t spoke to me and I like it.

  8. MM, I was gonna say that!…a young Lisa Marie Presley…definitely. I like all the cool tone colors in the that photo…Lisa Marie’s coat, scarf, and even the background.

    Welcome home, Shrew!

  9. Welcome back, shrewbie!

    Hey, KD, it is bugging me too that I can’t see the first girl’s face. More because if you live in the Windy City and you have some hair that is prone to whipping around like that, why wouldn’t you do something to contain it? Ack! How is she seeing what she is doing?

    As always, loving your slice of life shots, shrew.

  10. Ooh, just saw that last photo you posted. Very nice! I really, really like your color post processing. Methinks I’m gonna hafta steal it. I mean, copy it. 🙂

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