Chicago Street Stories: One


Staying with a subject…

Has it’s rewards.

More tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Chicago Street Stories: One

  1. Hey! It’s the LOOK you and I were talking about on Saturday. It’s the very same look as in that subway photo!
    Nice Job.

  2. OOOH bokeh…I forgot about that.

    Karmardav – I was on a bus going through town and this gentleman was coming through an alley. The bus was slow moving at a light so I pounced on the moment.

    Brc – I thought of you when he looked at me. I was close enough for this poor man to think…”Now, why the heck is that woman taking my photo?”

  3. Five points to KD for mentioning bokeh! 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder, Shrew. Yes indeed, staying with a subject often pays off.

    I wish I had interesting subjects to shoot at home. I guess it’s a good thing I’m into macros, else you’d be pitifully subjected to endless self-portraits taken off a mirror.

    Oh, the horror.

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