So 3:45 AM will come early…

Yup my client has scheduled a seminar for 5 AM…need to be up at 3:45 to get showered, dressed, mainline some coffee beans and travel to the hotel where they are hosting the pre-dawn zombie fest. So no post yet again.

However, I offer up a treat in my stead. Our dear KD has started something great…her blog, A Half Hour a Day. She has been doing this quietly since November; cheeky gal. So there is plenty to catch up on her daily musings. BONUS: Find out why KD called the police on her hubby Zan! I mean I have met the guy and I don’t blame her.

OOH looking to expand your lens library for your SLR? Check out this OUTSTANDING article from B&H.


3 thoughts on “So 3:45 AM will come early…

  1. Shrew I hope the client is going to pay for you to go out to an awesome dinner somewhere in exchange for this ridiculous zombie fest!

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