Shutter Challenge – Brc’s Signs of Spring

Whoops, I lied.  Brc had sent me hers and I totally missed it in my in box.  I usually do that to Jenfera.  Now to brc…

Today was one of those amazing days where the long, snowy winter finally cedes its grip and allows spring to get its foot in the door. Though the temperature was only in the low 50s, it felt like 70! The children all ran home from school with their coats hastily shoved into their backpacks. The snow and ice was melting all around us, hopefully not to return until next winter. The children in their shorts joyfully sprinted through the icy puddles. The remnants of a happy (though now melted snowman) lay ignored in the wet grass. The dust was brushed off of the bicycles and the chalk brought up from the basement to the driveway. The windows were opened to trade the stagnant winter air for the fresh, invigorating spring breeze. There were even a few buds to be seen on the trees.

WOW Brc…wonderful work.  You should send that shoe shot to Crocs cause it is THAT good.


5 thoughts on “Shutter Challenge – Brc’s Signs of Spring

  1. Boy brc, you and your new camera have become really really good friends. I LOVE the one of the window. And also the chalk…the lighting and colors are perfect.

    The one of the kids wearing tee shirts and shorts, running through “snow puddles” is a riot! We’ll be doing that here…IN MAY!

  2. I just love days like that – although sometimes here in NE they can be followed by a snowstorm!
    I can’t get over those crazy boys in their shorts – why is it that kids are always so ready to shed pants for shorts? My favorites are the reflection in the puddle and the chalk. Nice story, brc!

  3. I honestly cannot pick a favorite! They are all beautiful in their own right. Great job brc!! Can’t wait for a day like that to make it to Upstate NY! It’s been a LONG winter.

  4. Karma I think you hit the nail on the head. The day in the photos was last week and tonight we are expecting 6 to 10 inches of snow. This is the longest winter I can remember 😦

  5. OMG, brc, these are fantastic! My faves are the open window and the chalk. The chalk looks like an adverstisement for chalk! Fabulous. Oh, how I long for open windows…

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