Shutter Challenge – Music Mavin asks Who Dat Crawfish?

Steps to a successful Crawfish Boil

Any occasion will do, but you really should have a purpose for a Crawfish Boil. It brings people together for a common goal – to eat really well and have a great time. This occasion happened to be Mr. D’s 60th Birthday Boil.

To ensure success, you must have the right tools for the job.



Size really does matter. It is extremely aggravating to pick through small Crawfish. “Select” is really the only way to roll.

It’s important to have all your “peeps” around. In this case, #3 son and #1 son. #2 son is the Cook Extraordinaire.



Even the youngest attendees get into the action. My grand-munchkin still can’t figure out why they won’t jump on command.

A good, sturdy butane burner is also a must. Lighting it could cost you some eyebrows if you’re not careful….no worries, #3 has long arms.

After 15 minutes in boiling water and another 15 minutes in the ice chest, doused in seasoning, the crustaceans are ready for serving.crawfish-7.jpg


You can never have enough garlic….ever.

Nothing left but to dig in…



Success = everyone enjoying the food, music and company.

A very happy hostess…

Awesome work Music Maven. I LERV the photo where the crawfish are being dumped onto the table…very National Geographic! Besides, this is all making me hungry!  Check out that pile o-garlic on the table.  Hoooo boy, dats sum good eats.


7 thoughts on “Shutter Challenge – Music Mavin asks Who Dat Crawfish?

  1. Cool! I’ve never been to a crawfish boil. Thanks for letting us experience the fun vicariously through your photos. And I agree with Shrew… the dumping out the crawfish photo is such a great shot.

    And I must say that you and all your boys (both young and old) are sooooooooooo CUTE:)

  2. This was so much fun!! I agree brc–I feel like I just attended my very first crawfish boil! I gotta say though, I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat something that’s staring back at me. 😉 (Can you tell I’m a northerner?) *lol*

  3. MM! Y’aren’t gonna believe this BUT! I read that just as I was taking a bite of my leftover corned beef!!!!!!!!! LOLOLLLLLL Almost choked!
    Now THAT right there is funny! I don’t care who you are!

  4. I’m a northerner and I could probably get into that! MM – do they taste similarly to crab or lobster? Adorable family and great story! I like these picures of you too!

  5. It’s okay, KD. Eat your boiled meat with pride! Without boiled meat we couldn’t have the rueben, now could we? And that would be a shame.

    MM, I love these pictures. I felt all absorbed in the occasion. I have had crawfish a few times now at the cajun restaurant in Springfield, MA. It is delicious! Love it fried! I could get scary at a big old boil like this – outta my way, gotta get more crawfish!!

    ps – I am jealous of your geraniums!

  6. I too love that action shot of the crawfish being dumped onto the table.
    At first I thought that adorable grand-munchkin was seasoning the crawfish. But obviously I have no idea how to cook them because why would you season before boiling??? Duh.

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