High in the Hancock Tower

Chicago lays before those who venture to the top of the Hancock Tower.

I thought most would go to see ribbons of lights along the Illinois landscape…

However, more are intereseted in more immediate vistas.

More stories tomorrow as I sort out some techi issues.


10 thoughts on “High in the Hancock Tower

  1. The setting for the top image were as follows:
    ISO 400
    Focal Length 28mm
    Exposure 2.0 sec at f/4.0

    I didn’t use the flash and I put the lens right up against the glass to minimize vibration.

  2. Thanks Shrew…I love it!
    We’re heading to Disney in a few weeks and I’m wondering if similar settings would give good results shooting fireworks?
    Do any of my Shutter friends have any experience photographing fireworks? I figure I’ll be experimenting…or not, as I’ll likely have a screaming, overtired one year old clinging to my neck during the experience! 😉

  3. I LOVE the view from the top of the Hancock and you’ve captured it beautifully (not an easy task). Looks like you had either dinner or drinks at the 95th, ’cause there’s nowhere to sit down on the observation deck. I had drinks there the night I got married.

    The shot looking east with the reflection of the couple is very creative! I’m jealous that you are so good about taking your camera with you wherever you go.

    KD, I have learned that a tripod is an essential with fireworks.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Will check them out tomorrow…and will order a tripod too! 🙂
    I’m beginning to think I’ll need to sneak away all alone to do a fireworks night. This is sounding too complicated to do while keeping track of three children and one husband in the dark in a crowd of thousands!

  5. Love that top shot -very cool view.

    KD – my camera has a “fireworks” setting – do you have an Olympus? Its possible you could too.

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