Three for lunch


12 thoughts on “Three for lunch

  1. Love how this captures a little “slice of life.” I really like the B&W too. Are these co-workers or were you brave and took a photo of perfect strangers?

  2. I love this photo. Perfectly timed, and has a great LIFE feel to it.

    Shrew, did you by any chance alter the size of the photo in the post? I looked at the original in your Flickr account, and this one looks more pixelated than the one in your photostream. This photo looks like you resized the photo in WordPress. Still, it may have an unintended but interesting effect.

  3. Okay, so is anyone else watching The Lipstick Jungle? This so made me think of that! I love your “Stranger” series! 🙂

  4. At first I thought it was kinda pixelated too, but I think it’s just the reflection.
    Great capture Shrew, love the B&W.

  5. I’ve got the pixel-y thing here too. That’s why I wasn’t sure between the “through the glass” and the pixels exactly what was up. Still haven’t developed my bravery for taking strangers’ pictures yet, but I did do some stealth photography from my car the other day of robins in other people’s yards!

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