Mid-day interlude at Market Research In Chicago…

Okay…which do you like?




Vivid Light B&W


9 thoughts on “Mid-day interlude at Market Research In Chicago…

  1. I think the Vivid B&W makes him look like a 1950’s Cold War Russian spy! So if that’s the look you were going for, definitely that one! 😉
    I think the 7PS makes him look a little too “peachy” toned for the weather that he is dressed for.
    I think SOOC has the truest looking cold-still-winter colors.

  2. I vote for the SOOC shot. I agree with Karma that the colors feel more true and vivid. Additionally I feel that the window and its reflections are part of the appeal of the shot and I think the window stands out best in the SOOC shot.

    Russian Spy… tee hee!

  3. Hey…SOOC just says I am hitting closer to true in camera…which what we all want.

    Okay aside from Photo manipulation…do you LIKE this photo?

    I seem to be developing the cranky people series.

  4. I am going to against the popular vote here and say I like Grit-Tay the best. Looks like it is from an important article in an important magazine about important issues. In Russia!!

  5. Of the four, I vote for Grit-Tay too!

    As for whether or not I like the photo? Honestly, I don’t know that I would’ve given it a second look in a group of photos from a stranger. However, you, my dear are not a stranger, and upon second look, and third, etc., I have grown to like it. My first reaction found the off-centering of the subject a bit strange, but again, I have grown to appreciate it’s uniqueness.
    So, do I like it? Yes. Is it one of my favorites of yours? No.
    Does that answer your question? 😉

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