Shutter Challenge – Kd’s Twenty-one Minutes of Peace

What a wonderful way to tell a story with only images!  And Happy B-day to the sweetie…a year…can’t believe it.


9 thoughts on “Shutter Challenge – Kd’s Twenty-one Minutes of Peace

  1. MM, there is not limit on use of words. KD just chose to tell her story with only a title. I can say, the following days will show a variety of ways to use a narrative thread. So what comes naturally.

  2. OMG!! This is such a great story. KD you did a fantastic job using photos to narrate the event. I am highly impressed at how easy it is to imagine the emotions from beginning to end.

    Well now the pressure is really on for me to come up with something creative. Nice job.

  3. KD – that is such a familiar looking story! It doesn’t seem to change just because the kids are a little bit older when it comes to birthday parties. (If the number in the corner of the first picture is little boy’s birthdate, our kiddos share a birthday!) Great story idea!

  4. Thank you all for the warm fuzzies! 🙂
    karmardav, that wasn’t his actual birthday, but the day after we celebrated it. February is a tough month! We had to postpone the celebration twice due to a variety of illnesses. *sigh* Oh, well, that’s the way it goes!
    And Shrew, someday I will solve the “how to keep the house clean” mystery, and once I do, I will come do your kitchen. 😉 I had about a dozen more photos showing the disaster that was the house, but thought the kitchen was symbolic enough! *laugh*
    Can’t wait to see the rest! *rubbing hands together in anticipation*
    Now, I should be cleaning…(again)…so I’m off!

  5. Hey!, I was gonna ask KD to come to MY kitchen, Shrewbie…take a number. ;oP
    KD, that is one cute little boy! Happy Birthday Baby KD Jr.!

  6. Personally, I’m jealous that KD either has a convection oven, or a microwave that does convection. My microwave is supposed to do convection, but it came with this house when I bought it so I don’t have the manaul and every time I have tried to use it, it smells really, really, really bad.

    But back to the pictures! I love your story KD, and all the natural light in the photos. Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

  7. jenfera, I LOOOOVE my oven!!!
    I just got it about a year ago, and I treat it like a fourth child. 🙂 The convection is fantastic! Honestly, it was just a feature that I didn’t think I’d use, but I use it all the time….homemade pizza ready in 10 minutes! So cool! But my favorite feature? Has to be self-cleaning! 😉

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