Hold on for Fantabulous Stories

Sorry guys…PapaShrewbie has been sick.  Really sick…with the flu…not fun at any age but with a 75 young man it is even more perilous.  So I have been remiss in posting the terrific stuff that has been showing up in my inbox. 

 Beacuse everyone worked so hard and produced such great stuff, I really don’t want to edit or have anyone edit their stuff…therefore, I will post one person’s work a day starting tomorrow.  That work for everyone?

PS- Slackers…this means if you still want to play there is time. 😉


6 thoughts on “Hold on for Fantabulous Stories

  1. Hope Papashrewbie is feeling better soon!

    Whatever works for you is always fine! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work

  2. Yes, we’ll be thinking about Papashrew and wishing him well soon! Looking forward to the narratives! Good call on the one a day. More discussion on each one that way.

  3. Tell the Dog Walker to get better soon.

    Glad for the delay. We’re havin’ Mr. D’s 60th birthday party crawfish boil extravaganza on Saturday and I really want to “shoot” that.

  4. Shrew I hope your dad feels better soon. There’s a nasty strain of the flu going around. Please let him know that all of your “readers” are thinking about him and wishing him well.

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