When I travel my parents usually come down to watch my sweet boy, Beau.  Unfortunately, this week my Dad came down with bronchitis and could not watch Beau.  Beau’s walker, Doug, offered to take him tonight.  Now, I know my little guy is in kind loving care…but this is the first night since we adopted each other that a family member is not with Beau.  So he is on my mind.  Working on his picture was a form of being to reach across the miles and stroke his little brow.

I can’t wait to be home tomorrow night and do the real thing.


6 thoughts on “Because…

  1. I wonder who’s more sad… Beau or Shrew?

    I’m sure Doug’s giving him lots of love.

    Have a safe trip home and have a nice weekend.

  2. That is such a sweet photo Shrew…I like the black and white.
    Sorry you’re sad. 😦 Seems to be a lot of that missing stuff going around lately. 😦

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