Anther Denver Shot…

This was take from the bridge of the Denver Art Mudeum…it was the closest I got to those Rockies.

and the SOOC, that didn’t seem to capture the drama I felt when I stood there.

5 thoughts on “Anther Denver Shot…

  1. Do you have a cold, Shrewsie? Sorry, the teacher in me can’t help but notice your typos, so I thought maybe your head is a little clogged up! 😉
    I do like the fact that PS has the ability to help you make a shot the way you remember it. I was always such a SOOC purist in the past (still mostly am), but the more I look at photos and try to challenge myself to take interesting and well-lit photos, the more I learn about the limitations of cameras (especially mine!) I suppose that photoshop is kind of like the dark room of today; I remember attempting to manipulate photos in college to have them come out how you wanted them. PS is the digital darkroom.

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