Dreaming of Denver

Okay, so I am back to the Embassy Suites in Chicago. (Waving at Brc!) But come March 9th, I do a week of traveling…first downtown Chicago…on the magnificent mile…staying at the Omni Suites where guest from Oprah Winfrey stay, then we are onto Denver. I am renting a car in Denver so I can drive around and try and capture those Rockies and Red Rocks. So tonight I went through and found one shot from Denver that was meh…until a unleashed a whole can-o-Photoshop on it.

For inquiring minds…(SOOC)


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Denver

  1. Holy mother of photo manipulation… You have turned what was basically a throw-away shot (I would have deleted it) into a frickin’ postcard. Will ya just look at the dome on the building in the before and after? The before looks positively industrial and washed out. The after is practically glowing (and nice job on cloning out that crane).

    You, my friend, are developing amazing PS skills! I am very impressed.

    So should I blame you for the fact that it is snowing here yet again? It seems to snow EVERY time you come to Chicago 😉

  2. Wow! Well done Shrew! It doesn’t look “photoshopped” to me either….mad skills!

    You know “like nunchuck skills…”

    (Sorry…couldn’t help it! It just came to mind!)

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