It’s sad when this is the most interesting photo I have taken lately.


9 thoughts on “Lobby

  1. Tee Hee! 🙂
    You may be comforted to know you aren’t as pathetic as me yet…I resorted to taking a photo of a bowl of Easy Mac the other day, “because the noodles made a cool swirly pattern!” So sad!
    Sorry you’re traveling so much. 😦

  2. KD – are you doing the picture-a-day 365 project too? I ask because I find myself taking some rather desperate photos some days too!
    Don’t feel so bad Shrew – winter seems to be such a difficult time to take interesting photos anyway. I mean, how many pictures of snow and ice can you take?

  3. Hey, but it IS interesting. The warmth of the wood and red fabric, and the housekeeper to the side and the yellow sign. Lots to look at and take in.
    Safe travels, Shrewbie.
    BTW, I’m fun with our new challenge!

  4. karmardav…no, I’m not doing the 365 day project…I learned about it a few weeks into January, and thought, oh well, I’ll do it next year. However, I’m actually thinking about starting it March 1st. Why not? Right?
    No, I’m taking photos of Easy Mac because I don’t get out much these days! 🙂 We call it the February Curse in my house. This year it’s been colds, sinus infections, ear infections, and stomach bugs—all run of the mill though!

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