From Timid to bold…

Okay, so when I played in Photoshop with Karmardav’s photos I realized that I was looking at it as “WWKD” (What would Karmardav do) rather than WWSD. So tonight I took one of Karmardav’s photos and I dooed whats I do…Karmardav if you hate it I will take it down…but I really like it.


4 thoughts on “From Timid to bold…

  1. Wow, now it looks like a hurricane or something like that! Don’t take it down – its definitely WSWD as opposed to WKWD, but we all have our own tastes and differences, which is what makes reading and commenting here so interesting.

  2. That’s pretty cool. It looks like the sand towards the back of the “solar system” is a wave crashing against the boardwalk. Look out Sarah! ;OP

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