Guest Shutter – Karmardav’s Kape Kod

Karmardav spent a few days “at the cape” and captured some pretty great shots.  Take a look…which are your favorites and why?

Shells left behind on a bench – don’t know if it was the wind or birds or kids who left them there


Thousands of shells washed up together on the shore 

Seagull being a bit coy about having its picture taken


Young seagull gone for a swim

Meghan and Sarah dumping sand from their shoes – I like this candid shot and how they are doing the same thing at the same time

Weathervane of nearby hotel framed in the sand dunes


The afternoon got so gray (after a sun-shiney morning) this light came on on the fishing dock

Empty lifeguard stand on virtually empty beach

Sarah’s “solar system” design

Next morning at boardwalk at Gray’s Beach

With Meghan and Sarah to give us some perspective

Looking out toward Sandy Neck lighthouse from the end of the boardwalk

 Sparkly water in the marsh



Small sand bar at Gray’s beach




Back to Smuggler’s beach for seagull feeding



Bunches of them came, but they were hard to keep in frame! (Notice Meghan’s arm to the right holding out bread!)



A pulled back view of the girls and the birds



Shooting sparkly water into the sun – this actually looks much later in the day than it was. It was getting close to noon.


Thanks for sharing these with us!!!!


ETA: Head on over to PW’s Site

To see a great narative thread on her babysitter!!!


8 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Karmardav’s Kape Kod

  1. I guess they don’t like the shots shrew! 😉
    Thanks for featuring them anyway!
    If you get a chance, would you have any interest in playing with the last shot for me? Maybe I should have used a fill-in flash shooting into the bright sunshine at noon? The pic looks like it was taken as the sun was going down. Would photoshop be able to help that?

  2. 1. I already saw them and commented by email

    2. SDJ prevents me from commenting before evening time

    3. I still like the one of the girls taking off their shoes the best.


  3. Patience Karma! I saw the photos and wanted to give them more attention than I had earlier in the day while I was working.

    Now I have more time to really look at them. All in all, I think you did a great job. I think with a bit of post-processing, some of them could be really fantastic. Here are my favorites…

    The weathervane shot is very interesting with the sand dunes in the foreground. If you could boost the saturation just a bit (I know the colors are very muted) it would be even better.

    The lines of the fishing dock are really nice (you know I’m the pattern and texture girl.

    Love the shot of the boardwalk — great symmetry and patterns of light. This is a frameable shot, but I might try to crop out (or clone out) the small shed in the foreground. If you ever go back, it might be interesting to take a shot of one (or both) of the girls walking on the boardwalk with their backs to you?

    The distant view of the lighthouse is actually a very beautiful photo. You’ve created a very nice composition with the foreground, the water and the background. Again I’d love to see a bit of saturation added to give it some extra oomph.

    I love the pulled back version of the girls feeding the birds. In pulling back you really get the whole context of the setting yet you’re still close enough to really see the birds.

    For some reason I can’t see the sparkly water shot. It’s really really small on my screen. But it looks really interesting… Shrew is it my computer or is this photo much smaller?

    Keep up the good work Karma!!!!

  4. Yeah, I had already commented via email too. Brc had the same feeling I did towards the boardwalk one. I still love both of the shell shots too! Can you say that five times fast? Shell shots, shell shots…

  5. Sorry, just now getting a chance to comment! Seems Baby Boy thinks he’s all grown up now that he turned a whole one year old, and doesn’t find naps necessary anymore. Well, Mommy still finds them necessary, so I’ve been fighting the good fight! 🙂
    Now, onto my favorites of the photos! I love that shell shot—I want to run my fingers through the lot of them! Wonder what magic Shrew could do with the colors if she had a little spare time on her hands? *hint hint* 😉
    Ahem, anyway. I really like all the shots looking down that boardwalk, and the girls feeding the seagulls is great! All I could think when I saw the girls taking off their shoes was “BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr!!!!” How cold was it?!

  6. Didn’t mean to seem impatient y’all. I thought it was later at night when I posted that comment. I was tired yesterday after driving home from the Cape the day before.

    At this point, I don’t have any sophisticated software for photo processing – just stuff that came with my camera or computer. If anyone would like to play with any of the shots feel free – or let me know and I’ll send you a shot larger sized.

    brc- I posted these photos at Snapfish, and if I had to guess, I’d say the one with the sparkly water came out small because shrewsie may have linked it from the thumbnail page, rather than the larger sized one. That’s one shot that could definitely use a PS-punch.

    kd- it wasn’t that terribly cold out. It was in the 40’s, but the girls were just dumping sand out of their shoes, not actually taking them off.

    Boardwalk would definitely have been better without the thing in the foreground – can’t remember what it was. But I will definitely return to this location many times – its only a few miles from my mom’s house.

  7. Late to the party as usual. 🙂 I did see the photos yesterday, but I too wanted to wait and process my thoughts first before diving in.

    Like the others, I really like the shot of the boardwalk. Beautiful lighting. I second Brc in not being a fan of that shed.

    The one of the girls shaking the sand off their shoes is precious. I love the expressions on their faces, and can’t help but smile when I look at it.

    I also liked the weathervane shot a lot. In fact, I couldn’t help playing with it in Photoshop (sent it to you via email).

    I think the lighthouse shot has great potential. In addition to boosting a bit of the color, I would probably crop it and make it look more panoramic, and cut out that little strip of water in the foreground.

    I kinda like Sarah’s solar system design, too. I’d probably clone out or crop out or somehow blur away the car and the other evidences of civilization in the background, so that the focus is in the pattern on the sand.

    The shell shots are very artistic. Again, I’d punch up the color in these, and with a warming filter, I think they’ll look even more inviting.

    Bird shots: my favorite is the pulled back shot of the birds with the girls. For a more articulate explanation of my preference, am I allowed to borrow what Brc said? 🙂

    Oh, and one last thing: I love guest shutter posts!

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