You’ve waited for it…January Challenge Results

Jenfrea – Stunning Les Paul shots!!!

Jenfera, you should always shoot in series.  These are wonderful.


I love the mirth of the snowman…this last shot is killer!





Really nice series BRC.  What is so strong about yours and Jenfera’s series is each photo can stand alone or as part of the group.


The increadible marco world of Ivoryhut!!!  Staggering in beauty as always.

 Karmardav, who sent in two wonderful sets!

Cedric the Entertainer

Point & Shoot

Great stuff Karmardav…I really love two shots, one from each group…the First Cedric seems like the perfect candid, relaxed kitty hangin’ in his crib with the peeps.  My second favorite is the 4 dancers on point…the repitition of position yet individuality in  leg coverings is just wonderful.


All of these were taken in he span of 5 minutes…Beau was ticked I was taking them, but played along…well almost…

After this shot he hid behind the couch until I put the camera away.

This month’s challenge is due MARCH 5th…

Now that we have tackled the idea of shooting in a series, this month let’s take that a step further and shoot with a narative thread.    Tell a story with your images.  No limit on the number of images.  Looking for inspiration… check out Time magazine’s “What the world eats”essay or any of the essays part of the Magnum Collection.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!


6 thoughts on “You’ve waited for it…January Challenge Results

  1. This challenge was a great idea. I think as photographers we need to always be aware that there might be another perspective that could make for a better photo. As I look at all these photos, it becomes clear that there are many ways to look at each subject and the different angles create a completely different feel.

    Nice job everyone.

  2. I really enjoyed looking at all of the works here, and loved the variety!
    Love this month’s challenge Shrew! I had better get started now so I can participate! lol

  3. OK, my sista, I must know where you took guitar shots! Have you been off to some cool concert you forgot to tell me about? Very cool shots!

    I love the variety of subjects everyone chose. I know I certainly learned a lot from this challenge, even working with only a point and shoot.

    Ivory, every time I see your pics I long for a DSLR with a macro lens.

  4. Heh. Nope, no good shows.

    Karma, that guitar belongs to your niece. We gave her money towards an electric guitar for Christmas and she finally picked it out two weekends ago.

    Renae, I love your perspectives on the snowman!

    Brc – what a great subject choice! I love how the patterns of the mounds of snow on the mailboxes enhances the whole pattern concept.

    Ivory – very Georgia O’Keefe!

    Karma, I am with shrew – I think I like the first portrait of Cedric the best. Very natural. I like the first one of the ballet shoes, and shrew I like your pun!

    Shrew – I like number 3 of Beau the best. Number 2 is similar but seems a little over saturated in the red.

  5. Jen, beautiful black and white treatment of the Les Paul! I almost took pictures of our guitars here too, but ran out of time. Now I’m thinking I could have done a series on my keyboards, or my son’s trumpet or saxophone. Great idea!

    Renae, I’m getting a kick out of how your series photos get closer and closer. LOVE the last one, and I like how you framed him on the right side, with the lovely bokeh on the left side. (Shrewie, do I get extra points for using the word bokeh again?)

    Brc, Shrew is right. Any one of those photos can stand on its own. Once again, I’m full of admiration for your eye.

    Karen, way to go with the two sets! Now, I agree with the others in that the first Cedric photo looks the most natural. But ya know, with a little burning of the background to make it less distracting, I think the third one has great appeal too. (Oh, and I have *got* to find myself a ballet class nearby, because I have serious ballet photography envy.)

    Shrewie, great shots, as always. I think the fifth one is my favorite. The red fabric does seem too saturated in some of them, but it works well on Beau’s coat. I wonder what it will look like with that black and white treatment we saw at the CS3 Power Tour, the one where he brought back ever so slightly just a hint of color. Hmm …

  6. Jenfera: OMG, how cool! You should make a little collage for R’s birthday or graduation with these.

    brc: you freaking ROCK! The second one is my favorite because of the angle and small amount of red peeking through.

    Hut: these are absolutely stunning. Yes, very Georgia O’Keefe indeed.

    Karmardav: That third shot of Cedric is so clear, holy cow, or cat, I suppose. I like the first ballet one the best in that set for the same reasons Shrew mentioned…seeing everyone in the same position but M stands out in the black leotard.

    Shrew: do you ever leave that poor dog alone?? ;oP The paw shot is my favorite. The white fur against the folds in the red fabric…very soothing for some reason.

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