8 thoughts on “DESTINY!

  1. Okay I didn’t even know who was playing in this game a week ago and I don’t even like football, yet (sorry in advance to all of my New England friends) I was screaming on the couch for Eli Manning to score in the 4th quarter. I just don’t like Tom Brady and, well, he’s already got a Super Bowl ring and a supermodel girlfriend. And, well, Eli Manning is just soooooooooooooooo cute!


  2. And how about that scrappy 4th down pass and catch during that 12-play series? Did you think he would get the pass off? And did you think that dude would hold onto the ball when he was bent over backwards? Wow!

  3. So much fun to watch that game!! Another non-fan here, and even I was hootin’ and hollerin’! I could hear my neighbor screaming for joy from my house. lol If they were all that exciting, I might actually start watching.

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