Paging Mr. Anderson, Mr. Hans Christian Anderson…

Yes…this photo had a “Can-O-Photoshop” thrown at it…I kept playing to try to capture the etherial nature of childrens’ fairy tales.  I prefer it to the SOOC shot…but do you?


9 thoughts on “Paging Mr. Anderson, Mr. Hans Christian Anderson…

  1. Absolutely. This is a case where the SOOC doesn’t have much WOW factor. Though it might represent what you saw, it’s just not that interesting. The “after” shot gets your attention. I think you’ve achieved that fairy tale feel. Very fun.

  2. I like that bright and cheerful look of the colors here but I must admit I’m not crazy about the water – it looks a bit purple to me.

  3. Isn’t that funny karmardav? I was just about to say how I loved the look of the water! Different strokes!
    Definitely better than the original.
    Okay…so is anyone else feeling the drearies?
    Sad when you’re actually excited about an ice storm because you might have something new to photograph.
    I need help! Hope you are all well!

  4. KD – definitely know what you mean. Got a full blown case of drearies here too. Trying to find things to photograph everyday is challenging.

  5. We had a FOOT of snow last night. Got a 5:30am call that schools were closed. Why aren’t snow days fun for moms? I’m battling the drearies with all of you.

    On the positive side I did trample out in the snow to take some photos this morning.

  6. Ack! Less than three hours left in the day to take a photo. Oh, the pressure!

    Yeah, drearie here too. Ice and sleet outside all day, and I spent a good part of my time home painting the kitchen/dining area. Everyone okay? Hope all the families that need good thoughts are doing especially well.

    I loved the brighter colors in the post-processed photo, but I think I might prefer to see the water not as color saturated. Then again, I guess that’s what helps the faerie tale look, so I say if that was your intent, it worked perfectly!

    Hope you’re getting some rest, Shrewie.

  7. I’m groovin’ to the new hues. Hey, if you really wanted to go all storybook on it, maybe you could play with one of those crazy effects like the watercolors or colored pencils.

  8. I like the new green tones much better but the purple water is a little funky. But when you say “fairy tale” then it all works, and works very well.

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