Blame Ghettorific ES

Urgh…the internet is not working in my room…so no pictures today…sorry


the discussion we are having is fabu!

So I am picking up an answer I wrote in the comments to IvoryHut…keep the discussion going…I think we are onto some real discoveries here…and all because of you KD!

I think the term “realistic” is where we might all struggle. Color for the most part is a consistent experience for person to person…however…the way we internalize it is very different.

Take 2a…to some the blue in the sky is too blue…to me it looks real…however the yellow in the water and of the wood railing closest to the viewer seems over saturated…is my opinion based on the fact that I gravitate towards blues? It is biased because I think of wood turning silver with exposure to salt air (which may not be true for this variety of wood).

The one thing I will say is…If you had not shown the SOOC shots…would anyone have questioned the color at all?

Additionally, in 1a…I believe and I could be wrong here…you may have taken dramatic liberties with the image for impact…however that could have been the way the light and sky was. I know for my plane shot above…the sky was not THAT dark, but the window (as cleva MM spied) has a coating on it that made the clouds look all icky yellow…so black and white it was and I punched up the contrast to convy a feeling I was having when I took the shot. (Yes, there was doom and gloom because once again I am seeing the United Flight Crew more than my Beau.)

So the question becomes in my mind…is it okay to push a communication objective (emotion, color impact etc) into the processing of a photo or must you come as close to WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)?


6 thoughts on “Blame Ghettorific ES

  1. I think I may have stated this before, but I think when deciding how to or whether to process a photo, one should consider its ultimate purpose. Do you just want it for your personal memories? If the SOOC didn’t give you what you remember, then by all means process it to be that way. Do you want it to be a display or conversation piece? Then definitely punch up a particular color or sharpen up an area you’d like folks to pay particular attention to. Do you want the photo to display your honest abilities with whatever camera you have access to? Then SOOC is best.

  2. In answer to your question… of COURSE it’s okay to push a communication objective with processing. I mean it is art after all. Your whole-can-o-photoshop experiments are a perfect example. Those versions of your photos are just as valid as the SOOC versions.

    I agree with Karma that it all comes down to the artist’s intent. I happen to be more of a purist in all things photography, though I do now see the value in Photoshop. I enjoy the challenge of finding an interesting subject, an creative perspective and just the right light.

    That said, I have no problem whatsoever cropping, pumping the color up (or down), sharpening, cloning or any of the myriad other things that can be done with Photoshop. I just don’t aspire to be a digital artist. If I ever get PS (and Shrew feels strongly that I should), I will use it to enhance my photos, but probably not to dramatically change them.

  3. Sorry Ivory. I just assumed we’d pick it up in this thread. Didn’t see your new comment in previous thread until now. It wasn’t like talking in the detention room… more like leaving a voicemail that no one retreived yet 🙂

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