Color or B&W…

I believe only 2 out of 3 of these work in B&W but all work in color…your thoughts?

Tune in Sunday for a spectacular Guest Shutter post.

11 thoughts on “Color or B&W…

  1. Okay, from the bottom up:

    The dancing feet shot is FAN. TAS. TIC. in both color and B&W. However I think the B&W keeps the focus where it belongs while the yellow line in the background might distract from the subject in the color version.

    The bagpiper works in both as well, but I think I also prefer B&W for that one. Once again, keeping the focus on the subject. The background isn’t as noticeable in the B&W so I pay more attention to the bagpiper.

    I don’t think girl #122 works in B&W at all. For some reason there seems to be sort of a halo around her in the B&W version. Also, the bushes are not that interesting in B&W… too many midtones. In color, however, it’s very nice… colorful, bright and whimsical.

  2. I agree with brc on the dancing feet. B&W works well on that one. I can imagine an ad in a dance magazine with that B&W pic.
    I think the girl also works in B&W because I get an “old-fashioned” feel from that picture with the girl’s costume, so B&W seems natural to me.
    With the bagpiper, I don’t think much is gained in the B&W; you lose the “tartan” look of his outfit and I think some of the “texture” of the bagpipe itself is lost.

  3. Ditto on EXACTLY everything brc said. The B&W feet are striking. Love it.

    “We have a piper down! I repeat, the piper is down!”

  4. I agree with Karma on this one. I really like the first one in black and white. It looks like an authentic black and white from 50 years ago.

  5. Hmm,
    Top one is better in colour but I think would work better in b/w with a bit of a sepia tint on it rather than the greenish one it has now. Bagpiper is OK in colour but absolutely stunning in the b/w conversion you’ve done. The dancing feet… well, it’s a toss-up. They’re both great! Love the punchy colour!

  6. Ok. I disagree. I think the girl #1 is nice in B&W. I like the “halo” behind her from the bushes. While I think the color version works, mostly because of the blue scarf contrasting her all white dress and the all green bushes, I still the B&W is nice…just in a different way.

    I like both of the pipers, as you all did.

    The one that really didn’t work for me in B&W were the dancin’ shoes. I think it’s mainly because the background hues of orange and yellows are so dramatic and offset the black shoes so well in the color shot.

    Or, I could just be full of crap. It’s happened before.

  7. I have to say, of all the pictures, the b&w ballerina is my fave. To me it seems as though a single frame has been plucked from an old reel-to-reel film, lovingly restored, and ready for framing in an art gallery.

    As for the story I read into the picture, the framing suggests a ghostly entity unseen to the viewer, but seen quite plainly to the dancer. She is perhaps dancing with her love who was killed in battle in some far off land but has returned to her for one last shared moment…

    In general, my opinion is that musical photos must have color because when I hear music in such a way that it registers various colors in my mind, usually involving vast landscapes. The exception is instruments which have an old world feel such as the grumpy old man with the accordian previously highlighted.

    However, when it comes to dance, for me, there is an inherent romanticism in the movements and I know I’m sappy, but I find b&w movies so much more filled with romance….. color is real life, b&w has never been real life, only fantasy.

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