January Shutter Challenge…

I am a big loser…I am crunched with work again…and Karmardav has already sent her’s in…so the pressure mounted…the panic ensued…and a request is going out…

New deadline: (I know, I know…I promise in Feb to hold the date)



6 thoughts on “January Shutter Challenge…

  1. Mad? Why would I be mad? That’s silly. It was just a simple stroke of luck last night when I decided to start playing with my camera and came up with 3 shots that I liked for the challenge. Since we’ve been given extra time, if I happen to stumble across some more luck,(and shrewsie allows) maybe I’ll submit another entry! 🙂

  2. Once upon a time, weren’t the challenges due the last day of the month anyway? Or am I imagining that? I had an idea today for my subject, so hopefully I will get it done this weekend.

  3. The 30th works for me! I have something I took a few weeks ago, but I wanted to give it another shot this weekend and see if I can do better. This is a good challenge, Shrew!

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