There is no thing as a bad Paris Shot


Sherweld took the same image and applied the HDR effect…what drama huh?

Kelby Seven Point System Bridge


A whole Can-O-Photoshop

And in case you were curious…SOOC


5 thoughts on “There is no thing as a bad Paris Shot

  1. Surprisingly for me, I like the Ortonized shot best(I haven’t been a huge fan of its use so far). I think you really applied it in just the right spots.

  2. ooh, the Ortonized one for me as well!! Surreal and real combining to make it almost 3D… as if each layer was on a separate cellophane sheet and stacked on top of one another.

  3. Uh … I actually liked the whole can thing. Does that make me weird?

    Orton was my second choice. I like how it softens the sky. I think with this shot, there is enough detail and texture in the trees and the bridge, and adding texture to the sky by making it sharper and increasing contrast actually makes it a bit distracting.

  4. IvoryHut I am with you…I LOVE the Whole Can here cause the photo starts to focus in on what I saw, which were the people commutting on the bridge….My thought is still as fresh as when I snapped this…It was Monday and all these businessy peeps were walking from their left bank homes to work and I tried to imagine what it would feel like to “commute” rather than be in awe of Paris.

    So the idea of what the photo is communicating is so important here.
    Sherweld’s hits the nature hard…
    Ortinizing it puts an etheral glow
    Kelby 7PS makes just a pretty picture…

    Where the whole can seems to impart a mood to me…maybe I need a vacation.

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