Pulled out an old shot

from Scotland.edinburgh-castle.jpg


6 thoughts on “Pulled out an old shot

  1. Love the variety of shapes, textures and colors. The light/exposure is just perfect to be able to capture the colors and textures so well.

  2. I’m quite jealous of the traveling that’s been done by this group of photographers. That looks just how I’d imagine Scotland to be. Add England/Ireland/Scotland to my list of places I’d love to go.

  3. Very pretty! Technical question here: was this brightened up to show the detail in the stone? The sky looks a bit bright, but there is a hint of blue over there on the right side and on the smallest corner of the upper left side, so I was wondering if perhaps some blue in the sky was sacrificed to show the wonderful texture and rich color seen in the foreground.

    This makes me want to go to England/Ireland/Scotland too. Your Paris shot makes me want to go to France. I hope I get a chance to go to Europe someday.

  4. Oooo – ultimate shutter gourmet dive tour – Europe!!

    I really like this, shrew. The bleak sky seems so appropriate for this heavy castle.

  5. Can’t explain it but maybe it’s my brit heritage, but that looks like home to me even though I’ve never had the fortune of stepping foot in the homeland.

    I should very much upon the happenstance to gather up some petrol for the motorcar and pop on over, pip pip (yeah, I know there’s an ocean in the way, but I try not to let the little details get me down)

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