Tired of Winter yet?

With sky like this I am not yet, plus I want a really great snow (while I am NOT traveling…yes, yes, yes…Chicago again next Wed)!

But if you are over winter already…then I offer the hope of summer (Ignore MusiMaven’s claims of “Gee that’s what it looks like now”)

Just beware…my nephew was given this paint ball camo/ghillie suit for Christmas…so he may just be lurking in the brush.


KD’s winter shots

At least Karmardav’s fuzzy guy has the right attitude about all that white stuff


7 thoughts on “Tired of Winter yet?

  1. I keep wondering if the sky has been prettier this winter, or if I just notice it more. 🙂 Thanks for bringing me to the gift of Seeing.

  2. P.S
    I’m SOOO jealous of MM right now. I’ll send a shot of my surroundings….snow snow and more snow….it was a balmy -1 here this morning with a wind chill of -15. But they’re saying 55 next week?????? Go figure!!

  3. With the greatest of apologies to your nephew, but that pic of him is the splitting image of one I saw years ago of Chaka Khan…


  4. Hi guys!

    I have limited Internet access at the moment so I haven’t been able to keep up with you all. Hope you all had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. I’ll be in touch more next week.

    Happy Winter(love the winter pics) and Happy New Year 🙂

  5. Not to correct you, but Daphne would complain she’s being referred to as a guy! 😉

    I am getting sick of winter already – snow for Christmas is fine, but after that I could do without it. I agree with KD – I’ve also been noticing winter skies much more than I used to. I am definitely looking forward to days that can be comfortably spent in a locale like your 2nd photo.

  6. I miss the snow so very very muchly. (yes muchly is a word, but I like to use it in incorrect ways so I can prove my rebellious nature) Left my original home in Red Bank NJ way back in 1973 and have never had the opportunity to go back… here in Florida since then (with brief but enjoyable stints of snow in Korea and Omaha whilst partaking in military obfuscations from 1979-1989)

    but this is not “please tell us your life’s history blog” so I’ll refrain from continuing with my superfluous diatribe

    y’all please mail me some snow? purty pwease?

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