Missing Joy Photo

Okay all…I have cleaned my hard drive and was able to access the photo I wanted for the last challenge.

Here he is DAD…

He is really cracking up over his gift!  What might make my father laugh so hard?  Well…Sister 2 calls my Dad the DWS (Dog Walking Service) and with all of my travel before Christmas she was really giving me a hard time about Beau not knowing who his real owner was…yadda, yadda, yadda…you know…sista stuff…good stuff.

Well Dad opened this present and in it was a baseball cap that said “OFFICIAL DOG WALKER”.  Way RUDE…hysterical…but rude.

But this is the same sister who gave me my Wacom Tablet…so I can’t be angry…I can only pay tribute…

Heh, heh, heh

Happy First Day back at work, when’s Friday?


4 thoughts on “Missing Joy Photo

  1. I am still trying to get the knack of this tablet thingy…(confession, I am also in a bad habit of photoshoping while I sit on the couch watching the likes of Project Runway…so I really haven’t leveraged the tablet power yet.

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