With Camera in Hand We move into a new year…

This image of my niece and nephew taken on our Thanksgiving Day Photo Shoot illustrates beautifully what I feel this New Year’s Eve.

I think of all we have shared in past Guest Shutters and Shutter Challenges and I look forward to traveling into 2008 with you all, camera in hand and laughter at the ready.

2008 will bring many new shutter challenges, Mini-Shutter Gourmet Dive Tours and the big daddy of them all our Newport RI trip. Along the way, I am sure there will be surprises, improvements and learnings…I am thankful to be sharing all this learning and laughter with each one of you.

Happy New Year’s dear friends.

Now, get out there with camera in hand.


3 thoughts on “With Camera in Hand We move into a new year…

  1. Happy New Year to you, too, Shrew! Thank you for everything, and I hope the new year brings you all you wish for.


  2. New year’s resolutions for me: 1)try to take better pictures 2)not get frustrated when my point and shoot doesn’t see things the same way I do 3)try to start saving up for a DSLR (maybe)

    Happy “Shrew” Year everyone! šŸ˜‰

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