Oh Joy, Oh Rapture…

Joy is the sweet voice, joy the luminous cloud.We in ourselves rejoice!And thence flows all that charms or ear or sight,All melodies the echoes of that voice,All colours a suffusion from that light

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)


Chocolate makes me do that too!


See, once again we are talking food and similar reactions

Is it the stuffed doggie, the penguin shoes or the leggings that inspire such a smile?


Brc Ummm, jubliant is the word that comes to mind. Nice.

Karmardav writes“Traditional joy on Christmas morning: my daughters’ opening their Nintendo DS’s.”

“Quiet joy on Christmas Eve. I used a different setting on my camera for this one (night+portrait) and although this came out slightly blurred, I’m very happy with cozy feel of this picture. “


“My stepdaughter and my neice with their little cousin on Christmas Day. I like how just being around the little ones makes the big ones smile more!”

IvoryHut Her niece, sleeping in after a late night spent watching “Happy Feet.”


This is Duane with eyes so blue and joy filled at his brother’s wedding.

Shrew A little girl picking her family’s wreath.

I would have had more, however my macbook has decided that the start up disk is full and doesn’t want to run until I do a little computer cleaning…Well, with the Giants playing the Patriots tonight…I say be darned I choose football!


Now for the January Challenge; due January 20th…

David Hurn and Bill Jay in “On Being a Photographer” discuss the value of capturing a series of images. Not a photo essay per say but rather different distinct views of your subject. One photograph may be the lead image, the one that makes you go “oooh” but each supporting image helps to complete the total vision of the subject at hand. This method teaches the photographer to not give up searching for the most complete communication of their subject.

Well, as fate would have it, I was reading Layers Magazine last night and living legend Rick Sammon authored an article “Evolution of a Photo Shoot”. In the article Rick shares images he took in a series that lead to capturing such memorable images as a young Kenyan girl for National Geographic. I encourage you to take a trip to your local Barns and Nobel or Borders to check out this great magazine. (It is made by the good people at NAPP…aka Kelby and Crew.)

Rick closes the article with this thought…

“I share these images with you not only to illustrate the evolution of my photo sessions but also to encourage you to keep shooting even if you think you’ve already taken a good photograph. If you keep in mind that a photo session is an evolving process, you will not only have a better chance of getting the shot you want, you won’t be frustrated if you don’t get your keeper with your first shot.”

So…”how does this all impact me?” you ask. Umm…drop the ‘tude…I promise not only will you grow from this, it will be great fun.

Here’s the challenge.

Choose one subject in one time frame…and capture at LEAST three distinctly different images of the same subject in the same setting. That means…stay with the subject…change your angle…use zoom/macro…or get a larger perspective. Want a great example…see Pdub Ree in her keeping it real style is a perfect example of following the subject in a series.

Send the best three in to shrew@mac.com via flickr by January 30th.

This challenge will chase those post holiday blues away.

Go Giants! Congrats Patriots a well earned 16-0 win.

Hooboy, NE teams just killing NYC teams this year.


5 thoughts on “Oh Joy, Oh Rapture…

  1. Renae – I love how Dude’s joy is so often inpsired by food! I’ll hope it stays that way for you and he doesn’t become a picky toddler.

    Jenfera – that is a sweet shot of the cousins

    brc – was that shot inspired by a favorite Christmas gift or just hamming it up for mom? Either way, cute shot.

    ivory – those feet are cute little piggies

    MM – gorgeous eyes (looks like a face I would have fallen for in my younger days!) and a truly happy, not forced smile

    Shrew – I’d love to know what got that little girl’s attention and inspired her cheerful expression. Hopefully we’ll get to see the rest of your pics when your computer is happy again. Next challenge sounds truly challenging!

  2. Karmardav…the girl was looking at her Mom. She had chosen this wreath all by herself and wanted parental approval.

    The next challenge will be a challenge, but I promise you…it will make you learn how to never miss that perfect shot.

  3. Nice job everyone.

    Karma the joy in mine was inspired by permission from me to start opening presents on Christmas morning.

    Shrew, am I doing something wrong uploading to Flickr? I’m wondering why mine comes through so small?

  4. These were so much fun to look at! Renae has such willing subjects. I think I like the chocolatey face best.

    Karma’s dog shot looks like a Christmas card!

    I love the look on mini-brc’s face! That looks genuinely joyful to me!

    Ivory, I think you are cheating but it is a really cute picture so that’s cool!

    MM and Shrew – I love how both of yours look like they were captured so spontaneously. They look very “of the moment.” It can be such a frustration with non-DSLR’s to get exactly the right moment.

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