Gal Shop

This past Friday, all the gals in my family (sans Mom) went shopping. On our outting we stopped into Williams-Sonoma for a quick look around.

My, my, my, don’t my sisters look serious here? They are examining these tongs I had opened…see I just simply touched these tongs and they sprung open. I tried closing them and when they wouldn’t close I put them back. So Sister 1 (on the left) is showing Sister 2 (on the right) what I have done. Now, you must know, I am the youngest…by more than a decade, so my sisters do take great delight in my antics.

I can only assume Sister 2 has said something to the effect of “Why must she touch every gadget she sees?” making Sister 1 racked with hearty laughter.


Both enjoyed the moment greatly…and just between us…so did I.

We had a great day of laughter, razzing, helping each other shop and in general just being with each other. It was the perfect preamble to Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Gal Shop

  1. That’s what it’s all about… time with family and friends.
    BTW, your sistahs are very beautiful. Did you take these with your 50mm lens?
    My stuff is supposed to arrive on Monday. Can’t wait.

  2. Nice little photo essay, shrew! That’s great that you all were able to make time to go out together like that.

    Now, on those tongs – they may be like a pair that I bought recently after a little confusion too. I couldn’t figure out how to open this pair, so me & my 10-year-old neice were fiddling with them for awhile when she finally figured out that if you pulled on the little knob at the end, it releases them. To close them, you have to push the little knob back in. Maybe these were the same kind and you had the knob pulled out. Now I really like them! It is nice to be able to close them up neatly for storage and to put in the dishwasher. And, they have nice silicone tips so you can use them on your nonstick cookware.

  3. I can’t help but wonder, is the girl on the far right of the first picture the same girl from the previous post with the camera? A lovely niece of yours?
    Speaking of nieces, would that tongs incident you mentioned, jenfera, be from a Christmas Tree Shops by any chance?

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