Better 1 or Better 2





8 thoughts on “Better 1 or Better 2

  1. Oooooo this is a hard one. My gut liked the first one better. The colors are soooooo rich and beautiful. If I had seen the B&W one without having seen the color I would have loved it, but I think I need to vote for #1 here.

  2. Like brc, I immediately said “color”. But then, as I looked at the B&W, it was richer. I’m usually not so undecided with an opinion but I really do like them both. Depends what you’re going to do with it and who you’re going to give it to. If you are giving it to her, I’d likely say the B&W….appears more mature, hip, etc.

    If you are going to give it to her parents, the color. I don’t know why, it’s just because.

  3. I think I like color here. Because the subject is photography, you know? Give me those nice bright colors, give me the greens of summer, Mama, don’t you take my Kodachrome away!

  4. I know you all probably think I’m prejudiced here with my rep. for liking color, but you have to go color in this one. The girl’s hair and skin color are just too beautiful to be ignored. Somehow, I think, her joyful expression is better communicated in color as well.

  5. Put me down for color too…. the blue on the shoulder and the white of her sleeve cuff just really seem to contrast so well with the auburn tint to the hair

    The green and the red line behind the camera in the fuzzy distance make me feel all Christmas-like

  6. Color! It really pops. I agree with MM that the B&W is nice and rich, but her hair is just so beautiful in the color version. Nice shot Shrew.

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