Meet Long and Shorty of Denver

Oh and those Joy Pictures…how is everyone doing on those? 


7 thoughts on “Meet Long and Shorty of Denver

  1. I really love the contrasts here, both in color and subject—

    I have a dilemma with the joy photos, since as you know, I’m a bit whiggy about putting up photos of my kids…(yes, I know—irrational—that’s one of many of my quirks!) But I captured my sweet boy with such a wonderful expression on his face druing a game of peek-a-boo, that I just might have to share via e-mail! Ah, the simple things that bring us joy when we’re children, and again when we’re raising them! 🙂

  2. Love the shot, Shrew. Contrast both ways is cool – dogs and B&W, and this from me, the color-photo lover.

    Doing poorly with the joy shot. My point-and-shoot camera has failed me in my attempt to capture my hilarious dog absolutely loving the snow. I’m sure my girls will be more joyful next week with the vacation from school.

  3. I love how the person and the dogs stand out against the white background.

    No joy photos yet here. Like Karma I may have better luck once school is out.

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